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Napatree Migrations: Birds, Bats, and Bugs
Main Cinema
Friday, Mar 24, 2023 6:00 PM
The Watch Hill Conservancy and the URI Coastal Institute are pleased to bring you a fascinating presentation about the migratory patterns of birds, bats, and insects in the Napatree Point Conservation Area.
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Migratory animals travel great distances in search of abundant food sources or summer breeding sites. They are key components of our landscapes, keeping ecosystems in balance as predators and prey in addition to transporting seeds and pollen for plant reproduction. Their arrivals and departures are spectacular sights. Napatree Point is a nationally recognized stopover point for many migrating species; we have a front row view to observe these magnificent shows of nature. 

Join The Watch Hill Conservancy and three experts in their fields to learn more about the migratory patterns of birds, bats, and bugs in the Napatree Point Conservation Area. Doors will open at 5:30PM for guests to enjoy refreshments before our 6:00PM – 7:00PM presentation. Afterwards, please join us for a brief reception to engage with the speakers.

The Watch Hill Conservancy is bringing you this presentation with grant funds from the University of Rhode Island Coastal Institute. The mission of the Coastal Institute is to advance knowledge and develop solutions to environmental problems in coastal ecosystems. Napatree has been designated by the Coastal Institute as a Climate Response Demonstration Site.


Dr. Peter Paton: Professor and Chair of the Department of Natural Resources Science at URI. Dr. Paton’s research focuses on the conservation of vertebrate populations, with an emphasis on coastal birds. He is a past-President of the RI Natural History Survey and is the Napatree Point Conservation Area Science Advisor for avian conservation.

Dr. Peter August: A Professor Emeritus in the Department of Natural Resources Science at the URI. Dr. August has chaired the Napatree Science Advisors for 12 years and is President of The Watch Hill Conservancy. He is a landscape ecologist and uses GIS technology for conservation planning and public outreach.

Dr. David Gregg: The Executive Director of the RI Natural History Survey, an organization that connects those knowledgeable about Rhode Island’s animals, plants, and natural communities with each other and with those who can use that knowledge for research, education, and conservation. Dr. Gregg holds a Ph.D. in anthropology from Brown University. He is a Senior Fellow of the Coastal Institute at URI and has been a Leadership Fellow and Mentor with the Initiative for Nonprofit Excellence.