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Blind Pilot
Black Box
Sunday, Jul 14, 2024 7:30 PM
Blind Pilot joins us live on the UNITED stage on July 14th.

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Blind Pilot joins us live on the UNITED stage on July 14th.

Blind Pilot, which consists of Israel Nebeker, Ryan Dobrowski, Kati Claborn, Dave Jorgensen, Ian Krist and Luke Ydstie, was formed in Portland, Oregon in 2007 when songwriter Israel Nebeker and co-founding member Ryan Dobrowski went on a west coast tour via bicycle. Twelve years later, Blind Pilot has released three studio albums, 3 Rounds And A Sound (2008), We Are The Tide (2011) and And Then Like Lions (2016) and has sold out concerts throughout the U.S., Europe and the UK since its inception. The band has performed on Ellen and The Late Show With David Letterman as well as at Newport Folk Festival, Bonnaroo, and Lollapalooza among others.

Learn more about Blind Pilot and hear their music at: https://www.blindpilot.com/

Support provided by Angela Autumn. Angela Autumn is from the Old, Weird America. Hers is a land where the French fur trappers of the frontier left behind place names like 'DuBois' and 'Versailles' - but nowadays the locals just call these towns 'Doo-Boys' and 'Ver-sales'. That straightforward lack of pretension combined with a deep-rooted sense of history finds its way into every twang that leaves her throat. Homespun and handmade, the music pulls no punches and Angela herself is as authentic as possum pie.